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  EMISSION DU 04/12/2005

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the o´haras muppets bulls & beans haiku

1 the o´haras want some beans? bulls & beans haiku

3 the duke spirit cuts across the land cuts across the land loog

4 new black khalil! time attack thick

5 air formation for the hours 57 octaves below ep club ac30

5 the ex rock'n'roll-stoel singles. period. ex

7 the longcut late nite bus live promo ep deltasonic

7 neils children stupid band always the same ep poptones

7 xero-kline so long her solar rig - autoproduction

7 the advantage contra - boss music the advantage 5rc

10 part chimp war machine i am come rock action

11 eau claire song for eau claire clairecords

11 experimental aircraft electric surgery experimental aircraft devil in the woods

11 the ex when nothing else is helpful anymore singles. period. ex

11 new black devil in my car time attack thick

11 melville serrault 17 tv themes zeiger

11 hrsta swallow's tail stem stem in electro constellation

11 projekt a-ko new confusion v/a: club ac30 #5 club ac30

12 art brut 18,000 lira bang bang rock & roll fierce panda

12 the ex stonestampers song singles. period. ex

12 new black meerkats stand tall time attack thick

12 kinski edge set alpine static sub pop

Artiste: the ex
Album: singles. period.
Label: ex

Artiste: new black
Album: time attack
Label: thick


Artiste: xero-kline
Album: -
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): so long her solar rig

Artiste: the longcut
Album: live promo ep
Label: deltasonic
Track(s): late nite bus

Artiste: neils children
Album: always the same ep
Label: poptones
Track(s): stupid band


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