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  EMISSION DU 26/02/2006

Artiste Track Album Label

1 experience fuck you, man! / fu-mf (medley) positive karaoke with a gun negative karaoke with a smile boxson

1 black lips hippie, hippie, hoorah let it bloom in the red

3 calla it dawned on me collisions beggars banquet

4 liars let's not wrestle mt. heart attack drum's not dead mute

5 31knots thousand wars talk like blood polyvinyl

5 calla tarantula calla sub rosa

6 calla traffic sound scavengers quatermass

6 calla so far, so what collisions beggars banquet

6 liars i fit when i was a kid drum's not dead mute

6 adolina versus influenza autoproduction

8 soon everything's ruined under the wine funtec

9 milgram van alfred another one buys the dust golden delicious

9 the fall assume fall heads roll slogan

9 the duke spirit darling, you're mean cuts across the land loog

9 gâtechien - (untitled track #2) gâtechien another

9 volt voice listen to my rock'n'roll démo autoproduction

9 two-star hotel lost in the stars two-star hotel sounds of subterrania!

9 christian kjellvander words in the wires songs from a two-room chapel startracks

9 loisirs cheyenne submergés par le sublime théâtre

9 mogwai friend of the night friend of the night e.p. rock action

9 the antarcticans - (untitled track #1) the antarcticans the new black

9 shooting at unarmed men the pink ink soon there will be... too pure

10 numbers the fuck you garage we're animals kill rock stars

10 miss alex white and the red orchestra in a hole miss alex white and the red orchestra in the red

10 new black red bandit time attack thick

10 liars drum and the uncomfortable can drum's not dead mute

10 calla testify collisions beggars banquet

Artiste: calla
Album: collisions
Label: beggars banquet

Artiste: liars
Album: drum's not dead
Label: mute


Artiste: calla
Album: collisions
Label: beggars banquet
Track(s): so far, so what

Artiste: calla
Album: scavengers
Label: quatermass
Track(s): traffic sound

Artiste: calla
Album: calla
Label: sub rosa
Track(s): tarantula

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