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  EMISSION DU 19/03/2006

Artiste Track Album Label

1 bearsuit drinkink team ping pong fantastic plastic

1 black lips can't dance let it bloom in the red

3 ostinato goal of all believers chasing the form exile on mainstream

4 65daysofstatic await rescue one time for all time monotreme

5 test icicles pull the lever for screening purposes only domino

5 a hundred times beloved melting sun burning snow ep alison

7 skywave angela's an angel synthstatic alison

7 here tingling sikusaq (peel session) alison

7 bellini fuck the mobile phone small stones temporary residence limited

7 gin palace kicking on kicking on artrocker

9 deerhoof wrong time capsule (single version) v/a: rhâââ lovely festival 2006 rhâââ lovely festival

10 jumbo jet (de) it's raining cats and dogs jumbo jet finest noise

10 library tapes the scratches on the window in the doors of each cell alone in the bright lights of a shattered life resonant

10 65daysofstatic 23kid one time for all time monotreme

10 ostinato monkey gestures chasing the form exile on mainstream

10 the fall what about us? fall heads roll slogan

10 some tweetlove jean-paul iii cafard mondial matamore

10 experience fuck you man! / fu-mf (medley) positive karaoke with a gun negative karaoke with a smile boxson

10 31knots thousand wars talk like blood polyvinyl

10 miss alex white and the red orchestra movies miss alex white and the red orchestra in the red

10 electroputas aa 3 the social registry

10 ms john soda n° one while talking ep morr

11 liars drum and the uncomfortable can drum's not dead mute

11 calla it dawned on me collisions beggars banquet

11 zurich against zurich me & jude zurich against zurich troglosound

11 ostinato volant chasing the form exile on mainstream

11 65daysofstatic 65 doesn't understand you one time for all time monotreme

Artiste: ostinato
Album: chasing the form
Label: exile on mainstream

Artiste: 65daysofstatic
Album: one time for all time
Label: monotreme


Artiste: a hundred times beloved
Album: ep
Label: alison
Track(s): melting sun burning snow

Artiste: here
Album: sikusaq (peel session)
Label: alison
Track(s): tingling

Artiste: skywave
Album: synthstatic
Label: alison
Track(s): angela's an angel

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