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  EMISSION DU 02/07/2006

Artiste Track Album Label

1 sleater-kinney entertain the woods sub pop

1 six.by seven all i really want from you is love artists cannibals poets thieves saturday night sunday morning

3 kid commando urban bushman holy kid commando ache

4 enablers on monk output negative space neurot

5 ufomammut blind lucifer songs supernatural cat

5 sonic youth reena rather ripped geffen

7 two-star hotel lost in the stars two-star hotel soundsofsubterrania!

7 the experimental tropic blues band dynamite boogie dynamite boogie autoproduction

7 mclusky undress for success mcluskyism too pure

7 holly golightly you've got too much going for you laugh it up! damaged goods

9 monno necronomik error conspiracy

10 31knots thousand wars talk like blood polyvinyl

10 bellini agatha small stones temporary residence limited

10 messer chups popcorno hyena safari solnze

10 kid commando rhythm beast holy kid commando ache

10 port royal spetsnaz/paul leni flares resonant

10 th´faith healers sparklingly chime peel sessions ba da bing!

10 viva l´american death ray music! needle to the heart of the matter in the meantime... transsolar

10 no-neck blues band the doon qvaris 5rc

10 lillayell store lillayell psychotica

10 velma store split cd w/ velma - lillayell psychotica

11 mogwai glasgow mega-snake mr beast rock action

11 l´enfance rouge barrio chino krsko-valencia wallace

11 the charlottes mad girl's love song liar (best of) cherry red

11 kid commando basic bio electrics holy kid commando ache

11 gossip holy water standing in the way of control kill rock stars

11 the duke spirit hello to the floor cuts across the land loog

Artiste: kid commando
Album: holy kid commando
Label: ache

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