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  EMISSION DU 13/08/2006

Artiste Track Album Label

1 pixies bone machine surfer rosa 4ad

1 the telescopes to kill a slow girl walking to kill a slow girl walking cheree

3 swirlies jeremy parker blonder tongue audio baton taang!

4 throwing muses pearl red heaven 4ad

5 polysics lookin' lookin' gaa polysics or die!!!! sur la plage

5 silverfish damn fine woman damn fine ep creation

7 next exit to nowhere knell from the first dawn - autoproduction

7 teenage filmstars pressure rocket charms creation

7 next exit to nowhere love is a sweet melody - autoproduction

7 les thugs i love you so i.a.b.f. houlala

9 vito falling out make good areas disturbed the flower shop

10 king brothers oh shit! king brothers in the red

10 stanford prison experiment you're vulgarian the gato hunch world domination

10 the vaselines sex sun (amen) dum dum only

10 next exit to nowhere king henry - autoproduction

10 skywave angela's angel synthstatic alison

10 mercury rev syringe mouth yerself is steam beggars banquet

10 pavement loretta's scars slanted & enchanted matador

10 paul newman enter the empire of the ants frames per seconds trance syndicate

10 henry´s dress definitely nothing henry's dress slumberland

10 next exit to nowhere deuterium - autoproduction

11 speedking yi ma the fist and the laurels tiger style

11 paik dirt for driver satin black strange attractors audio house

11 my bloody valentine lose my breath isn't anything creation

11 next exit to nowhere time 2 improve your skills - autoproduction

11 unilever - (untitled track #13) smorgasbord malkin

11 bowery electric next to nothing bowery electric kranky
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