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  EMISSION DU 03/09/2006

Artiste Track Album Label

1 serena-maneesh drain cosmetics serena-maneesh playlouder

1 mclusky undress for success mcluskyism too pure

3 gregor samsa what i can manage 55:12 own

4 amusement parks on fire await lightning out of the angeles v2

5 hitch nothing to regret we are electric! vlas vegas

5 televise outside out outside out ep ac30

7 televise 3rd time lucky i don't know why ep ac30

7 televise mercy seat songs to sing in a & e ac30

7 guitar sakura coming tokyo onitor

7 megan reilly nighttime let your ghost go carrot top

9 sonic youth helen lundeberg rather ripped geffen

10 gregor samsa these points balance 55:12 own

10 hitch it gets better we are electric! vlas vegas

10 fifty foot combo combodelica ghent-bxl drunkabilly

10 bardo pond fcii ticket crystals atp

10 le singe blanc eilaorch witz autoproduction

10 hitch radiation winter part ii we are electric! vlas vegas

10 gregor samsa lessening 55:12 own

Artiste: gregor samsa
Album: 55:12
Label: own

Artiste: hitch
Album: we are electric!
Label: vlas vegas


Artiste: televise
Album: i don't know why ep
Label: ac30
Track(s): 3rd time lucky

Artiste: televise
Album: outside out ep
Label: ac30
Track(s): outside out

Artiste: televise
Album: songs to sing in a & e
Label: ac30
Track(s): mercy seat


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