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  EMISSION DU 22/07/2007

Artiste Track Album Label

1 miss alex white and the red orchestra squeaky clean space & time in the red

1 i love ufo live in the movies wish record makers

3 astrobite whitenoisesuperstar whitenoise superstar vinyl junkie

4 torpid fluffy bite fraiseman autoproduction

5 deerhunter fluorescent grey fluorescent grey ep kranky

5 the willowz waiting to fall chautaqua dim mak

6 guitar wolf kenka rock dead rock okami

6 elvis´ ghettoblaster doll elvis' ghettoblaster autoproduction

6 mono black rain travels in constants volume 22: the phoenix tree

6 heaviness places heaviness autoproduction

8 gomm i feel off 4 pias

9 air formation i can't remember waking up daylight storms club ac30

9 astrobite goddess whitenoise superstar vinyl junkie

9 torpid jee jee fraiseman autoproduction

9 daturah warmachines daturah graveface

9 electrelane five no shouts, no calls too pure

9 melt-banana spider snipe bambi's dillema a-zap

9 black rebel motorcycle club took out a loan baby 81 rca

9 shellac boycott excellent italian greyhound touch and go

9 the the horrors count in fives strange house loog

9 graffen volder pratiques préliminaires v/a: massacrés belges - volume 02 massacrés belges

10 psychic ills killers early violence the social registry

10 comanechi death of you tour de l'europe autoproduction

10 torpid interlude ii fraiseman autoproduction

10 astrobite kisspeach whitenoise superstar vinyl junkie

Artiste: torpid
Album: fraiseman
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: astrobite
Album: whitenoise superstar
Label: vinyl junkie

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