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  EMISSION DU 19/08/2007

Artiste Track Album Label

1 3d´s hellzapoppin hellzapoppin flying nun

1 shonen knife brown mushrooms rock animals mca

3 les thugs never get older radical hystery frenetic dancing

4 mazzy star fade into you so tonight that i might see capitol

5 sixteen deluxe babyheadrush backfeed magnetbabe trance syndicate

5 telstar ponies her name in the space of a few minutes fire

7 fly ashtray the big 1-2-3-4 tone sensations of the wonder-men shimmy disc

7 skywave angela's an angel synthstatic alison

7 hirameka hi-fi i crave stamina a proud tradition of failure extreme sports armchair enthusiasts

7 helms the hypochondriac's last words mc carthy kimchee

9 31knots man become me the days & night of everything anywhere polyvinyl

10 damien jurado motion sickness woke myself up jagjaguwar

10 sage francis underground for dummies human the death dance epitath

10 dälek stagnant waters abandonned language ipecac

10 black ox orchestar bukharian nisht azoy constellation

10 battles atlas mirrored warp

10 brian setzer rock'n'roll ruby rockabilly riot vol. 1: a tribute to sun records surfdog

10 sepia hours a place i found and i forgot when we'll cross these days, these seasons and their past matamore

10 low murderer drums and guns sub pop

10 stanley brinks i stood in the doorway loiters radical baboon

10 wovenhand oil on panel consider the birds sounds familyre

11 do make say think the universe! you, you're a history in rust constellation

11 refused the deadly rythm the shape of punk to come burning heart

11 soy un caballo la chambre la raison du plus fort matamore

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