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  EMISSION DU 02/09/2007

Artiste Track Album Label

1 help she can´t swim hospital drama the death of nightlife fantastic plastic

1 the vera violets euphoria sunshine dust daydream delay

3 liars plaster casts of everything liars mute

4 parts & labor fractured skies mapmaker brah

5 growing onanon vision swim troubleman unlimited

5 minxus minxus pabulum too pure

7 minxus i live on sand pabulum too pure

7 minxus the monkey theme pabulum too pure

7 minxus get pabulum too pure

7 torpid jee jee fraiseman autoproduction

9 mono´kiri crash surviving on dreams and casual kinky star

10 rumskib hearts on fire rumskib darla

10 the the experimental tropic blues band voodoo rise hellelujah jaune orange

10 mono black rain travels in constants volume 22: the phoenix tree temporary residence limited

10 gomm fiction 4 pias

10 liars what would they know liars mute

10 naifu how to get married v/a: massacrés belges - volume 02 massacrés belges

10 glockenspiel glock one 24:48 ep autoproduction

10 miss alex white and the red orchestra space & time space & time in the red

10 the fall reformation! reformation post tlc slogan

10 gregor samsa +rock song v/a: split cd w/ gregor samsa & red sparowes robotic empire

11 the icarus line black presents black lives at the golden coast v2

11 liars freak out liars mute

11 the black angels black grease passover light in the attic

Artiste: liars
Album: liars
Label: mute


Artiste: minxus
Album: pabulum
Label: too pure
Track(s): minxus / the monkey theme / get

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