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  EMISSION DU 14/10/2007

Artiste Track Album Label

1 a place to bury strangers missing you a place to bury strangers killer pimp

1 kontakte transmitter/receiver transmitter/receiver 7" enraptured

3 stereo total miss rebellion des hormones paris berlin disko b

4 mute numbers postrectum autoproduction

5 epic45 early 80's snowflakes may your heart be the map make nine music

5 house of love christine house of love creation

7 house of love salome house of love creation

7 house of love love in a car house of love creation

7 shit and shine practicing to be a doctor jealous of shit and shine riot season

7 deerhoof the perfect me friend opportunity kill rock stars

9 heavy trash way out going way out with yep roc

10 le prince harry submission v/a: massacrés belges - volume 02 massacrés belges

10 midnight movies lion song lion the girl new lines

10 mute sundays postrectum autoproduction

10 stereo total komplex mit dem sex paris berlin disko b

10 the spores won't save you doom pop sidecho

10 mono´kiri player in disguise surviving on dreams and casual sex kinky star

10 deerhunter lake somerset cryptograms kranky

10 numbers kosmos love now you are this kill rock stars

10 dj scotch egg scotch bach 2 scotchhausen very friendly

10 six.by seven nations if symptoms persist, kill your doctor saturday night sunday morning

11 the dunlop devils forbidden planet v/a: massacrés belges - volume 02 massacrés belges

11 mute air postrectum autoproduction

11 stereo total patty hearst paris berlin disko b

Artiste: mute
Album: postrectum
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: stereo total
Album: paris berlin
Label: disko b


Artiste: house of love
Album: house of love
Label: creation
Track(s): christine / salome / love in a car

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