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  EMISSION DU 28/10/2007

Artiste Track Album Label

1 to kill a petty bourgeoisie the patron the patron kranky

1 a place to bury strangers my weakness a place to bury strangers killer pimp

3 hey lover she's in the city hey lover hovercraft

4 hey lover i've got to get you home hey lover hovercraft

5 bear claw distant apology slow speed: deep owls sick room

5 mono finlandia gone temporary residence limited

7 jay reatard my shadow blood visions in the red

7 deerhunter lake somerset cryptograms kranky

7 liars freak out liars mute

7 hey colossus 45 pounds project:death jonson family

10 stereo total komplex mit dem sex paris berlin disko b

11 future of the left team:seed curses too pure

11 apse from the north spirit acuarela

11 bear claw stubborn agenda slow speed: deep owls sick room

11 hey lover hey tb! hey lover hovercraft

11 miaow miaow fourteen years summertime for a lifetime schaltot collective

11 frank shinobi captain fiasco v/a: linge propre entre amis program uno honest house

13 mutiny on the bounty chico y consuela v/a: split cd w/ mutiny on the bounty & treasure chest at the end of the rainbow new romance for kids

13 cinemechanica get out of here hitler the martial arts hello sir

13 volt voice heaven ep07 autoproduction

14 fordamage touchmystrings fordamage kythibong

15 papier tigre new gun for spent bullets papier tigre effervescence

15 isaiah des enfants demo autoproduction

15 neo karma jooklo sextet live at scalodieci live at scalodieci troglosound

15 gi joe patchwork clito's angels fooltribe

15 ovo anime morte miaistena load

15 nervous kid that fucking that nervous kid autoproduction

15 hey lover let me kill an arab hey lover hovercraft

16 bear claw rudimentary understanding slow speed: deep owls sick room

Artiste: hey lover
Album: hey lover
Label: hovercraft

Artiste: bear claw
Album: slow speed: deep owls
Label: sick room

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