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  EMISSION DU 16/12/2007

Artiste Track Album Label

1 fatal flying guilloteens great apes quantum fucking frenchkiss

1 the suicidal birds into the black versus life tocado

3 white hills radiate heads on fire rocket

4 amp remember all of yesterday tomorrow rroopp

5 marmoset florist fired florist fired secretly canadian

5 kinski passwords & alcohol don't below it's chaos sub pop

7 port royal german bigflies afraid to dance resonant

7 cadallaca your one wish introducing k

7 sarah dougher first dream the bluff mr. lady

7 lois my souvenir snapshot radio k

9 future of the left team:seed curses too pure

10 polysics tei! tei! tei! now is the time! tofu

10 white hills visions of the past, present and future heads on fire rocket

10 amp left it (too late) all of yesterday tomorrow rroopp

10 pre drool... epic fits skin graft

10 the warlocks moving mountains heavy deavy skull lover tee pee

10 keiki else von hohenzollern ..10 pieces.. puppy farm

10 naifu how to get married pieces of women puppy farm

10 doctor and nurse broken ribs - (untitled 2 tracks demo) autoproduction

10 stereo total ta voix au téléphone paris berlin disko b

10 the duke spirit lassoo ex-voto ep you are there

11 on fire down below on celebrate psiphenomenon

11 frank shinobi opa sur la banque mondiale ibonishkanrf s.a.m.

11 amp je veux all of yesterday tomorrow rroopp

11 white hills eternity heads on fire rocket

Artiste: white hills
Album: heads on fire
Label: rocket

Artiste: amp
Album: all of yesterday tomorrow
Label: rroopp


Artiste: cadallaca
Album: introducing
Label: k
Track(s): your one wish

Artiste: lois
Album: snapshot radio
Label: k
Track(s): my souvenir

Artiste: sarah dougher
Album: the bluff
Label: mr. lady
Track(s): first dream

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