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  EMISSION DU 02/03/2008

Artiste Track Album Label

1 part chimp new cross cup monitor

2 kinski crybaby blowout don't below it's chaos sub pop

3 miranda cell trip rectal exploration fromscratch

4 quiet the past factory the past factory autoproduction

5 blood red shoes you bring me down you bring me down v2

5 sloan lemonzinger smeared geffen

7 sloan left of centre smeared geffen

7 sloan underwhelmed smeared geffen

7 hara-kiri castration ha-haha the twilight bark

7 the takeovers you're at it bad football off

10 the electric ladies blues the devil red panic autoproduction

11 the warlocks dreamless days heavy deavy skull lover tee pee

11 el dinah mortarshell esperento e.p. autoproduction

11 baby control caballero best war ache

11 miranda monosexfiles rectal exploration fromscratch

11 hrsta entre la mer et l'eau douce ghosts will come and kiss your eyes constellation

11 no age every artist needs a tragedy weirdo rippers fat cat

11 black francis tight black rubber bluefinger cooking vinyl

11 next exit to nowhere the tiger and the zucchini the tiger and the zucchini interstellar

11 bearsuit dinosaur heart oh:io fantastic plastic

11 lovesliescrushing dsai chorus automatic entertainment

12 almandino quite deluxe proud to play loud violent potato wallace

12 the suicidal birds no light versus life tocado

12 miranda zhou! the hell is a beer rectal exploration fromscratch

12 the voices don't let go the sound of young america my kung fu

Artiste: miranda
Album: rectal exploration
Label: fromscratch


Artiste: sloan
Album: smeared
Label: geffen
Track(s): lemonzinger / left of centre / underwhelmed


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