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  EMISSION DU 16/03/2008

Artiste Track Album Label

1 mika miko the dress c.y.s.l.a.b.f. kill rock stars

2 agatha three night stand getting dressed for a death metal party wallace

3 evangelista smooth jazz hello, voyager constellation

4 le singe blanc wilkmen neudreï strak! keben

5 jenny hoyston bring back art isle of southern

5 adorable favourite fallen idol against perfection creation

7 adorable feed me fake creation

7 adorable sunshine smile sunshine smile ep creation

7 marteleur harm on ix first blows autoproduction

7 neko oskar superstar demo 08 autoproduction

9 be your own pet black hole get awkward ecstatic peace!

10 el dinah esperento esperento e.p. autoproduction

10 mutiny on the bounty word domino championship v/a: treasure chest at the end of the rainbow/ mutiny on the bounty split cd new romance for kids

10 dead meadow what needs must be old growth matador

10 magyar posse whirlpool of terror and tension random avenger verdura

10 deerhunter lake somerset cryptograms kranky

10 undrskor demo for march n°2 v/a: savage land label sampler 2008 savage land

10 evangelista truth is dark like outer space hello, voyager constellation

10 epic45 early 80's snowfall may your heart be the map make nine music

10 part chimp crash the high octave cup monitor

10 evangelista hello, voyager! hello, voyager constellation

11 hara-kiri hollow ha-haha the twilight bark

Artiste: evangelista
Album: hello, voyager
Label: constellation


Artiste: adorable
Album: against perfection
Label: creation
Track(s): favourite fallen idol

Artiste: adorable
Album: fake
Label: creation
Track(s): feed me

Artiste: adorable
Album: sunshine smile ep
Label: creation
Track(s): sunshine smile


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