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  EMISSION DU 30/03/2008

Artiste Track Album Label

1 magik markers axis mundi boss ecstatic peace!

2 the kills last day of magic midnight boom domino

3 the two tears one black glove little tea simple social graces

4 rencontrez l´amour body bouncer born of punk and reverb emma

5 rothko say something to someone eleven stages of intervention bip_hop

5 sz s-one live recordings drunk dog

7 turbo fruits no drugs to use turbo fruits ecstatic peace!

7 the duke spirit lassoo neptune you are here

7 old time relijun indestructible life! catharsis in crisis k

7 jucifer centralia if thine enemy hunger relapse

9 evangelista smooth jazz hello, voyager constellation

10 pissed jeans people person hope for men sub pop

10 moha! daily four norwegianism rune grammofon

10 the two tears moody little tea simple social graces

10 don vito daddy longleg don vito tremor panda

10 sleeping people centipede's dream growing temporary residence limited

10 super elastic bubble plastic double party the swindler redled

10 doctor and nurse angels fear... - (untitled 2 tracks demo) autoproduction

10 k-branding der kakerlak das ding ff hhh

10 bear claw untitled track find the sun sickroom

10 bear claw untitled track slow speed: deep owls sickroom

11 genghis thron untitled track board up the house relapse

11 the two tears so pretty little tea simple social graces

Artiste: the two tears
Album: little tea
Label: simple social graces

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