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  EMISSION DU 09/06/2008

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the fall wolf kidult man imperial wax solvent castle

2 lamps eliseo the lamps (2nd album) in the red

3 the black angels you on the run directions on how to see a ghost light in the attic

4 shooting at unarmed men sometimes the best thing you can do is die triptych too pure

5 earth omens and potents i: the driver bees made honey in the lion's skull southern lord

5 naifu tiger woman pieces of women puppy farm

7 transient waves cruise control sonic narcotic fat cat

7 transient waves black jack sonic narcotic fat cat

7 transient waves paradise sonic narcotic fat cat

7 shit and shine the rabbit song cherry riot season

9 the magnetix keeper shop flash (10") yakisakana

10 jessica bailiff and annelies monseré common ground jessica bailiff & annelies monseré ep morc

10 liars plaster casts of everything liars mute

10 shooting at unarmed men the things you can and cannot do triptych too pure

10 the black angels mission district directions on how to see a ghost light in the attic

10 jucifer traitors l'autrichienne relapse

10 grey daturas beyond and into the ultimate return to disruption neurot

10 deerhunter lake somerset cryptograms kranky

10 melt-banana crow's pain brust (color repair) bambi's dilemma a-zap

10 labasheeda the new easy charity box autoproduction

10 no age brain burner nouns sub pop

11 bardo pond ssh batholith three lobed

11 monotonix deadly weapon body language ep drag city

11 shooting at unarmed men dothe cock-a-doddle-doo of democracy triptych too pure

11 the black angels you in color directions on how to see a ghost light in the attic

Artiste: the black angels
Album: directions on how to see a ghost
Label: light in the attic

Artiste: shooting at unarmed men
Album: triptych
Label: too pure


Artiste: transient waves
Album: sonic narcotic
Label: fat cat
Track(s): cruise control / black jack / paradise

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