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  EMISSION DU 29/06/2008

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the fall tommy shooter imperial wax solvent castle

2 blood on the wall the ditch liferz the social registry

3 commodor panavision driving out of focus distile

4 pyramids sleds pyramids hydra head

5 ada-nuki burzum ada-nuki whosbrain

5 31knots thousand wars talk like blood polyvinyl

7 a.h. kraken allan müller elle avait peut-être 19 ans mais pour moi elle en aura toujours 12 in the red

7 oxbow time, gentlemen, time the narcotic story hydra head

7 the magnetix horror chalet horror chalet yakisakana

7 cheveu a great competitor cheveu born bad

9 the germans lalaliar elf shot lame witch autoproduction

10 pyramids the echo of something lovely pyramids hydra head

10 commodor don starsky driving out of focus distile

10 harvey milk skull sock and rope shoes life...the best game in town hydra head

10 earth engine of ruin the bees made honey in the lion's skull southern lord

10 enablers

10 moha!

10 graffen volder

10 graffen volder

10 cutting pink with knives

10 but god created woman

11 agatha

11 agatha

11 lucertulas

11 udus

11 santa piara

11 commodor lune driving out of focus distile

11 pyramids monks pyramids hydra head

Artiste: commodor
Album: driving out of focus
Label: distile

Artiste: pyramids
Album: pyramids
Label: hydra head

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