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  EMISSION DU 13/07/2008

Artiste Track Album Label

1 blood on the wall the ditch liferz the social registry

2 lite contra phantasia transduction

3 free kitten elected girl inherit ecstatic peace!

4 experimental dental school janes doe loves me janes doe loves me cochon

5 wooden shjips loosin' time wooden shjips holy mountain

5 the heads vibrating digit under sided sweet nothing

7 secret shine know all of the stars clairecords

7 the magnetix time after time time after time nasty product

7 cheveu a great competitor cheveu born bad

7 the germans lalaliar elf shot lame witch autoproduction

9 commodor panavision driving out of focus distile

10 red sparowes buildings began to stretch wide across the sky, and the air filled with a reddish glow. at the soundless dawn neurot

10 ada-nuki burzum ada-nuki whosbrain

10 the battle of land and sea saltwater queen the battle of land and sea notenuf

10 free kitten help me inherit ecstatic peace!

10 future of the left team: seed curses too pure

10 ultraphallus where it fails the clever autoproduction

10 oxbow down a stair backward the narcotic story hydra head

10 enon those who don't blink grass geysers ... carbon clouds touch and go

10 earth omens and potents i : the driver bees made honey in the lion's skull southern lord

10 le club des catholiques didier super vaut mieux en rire que s'en foutre v2

11 heavy trash i want oblivion going way out with heavy trash yep roc

11 the fall wolf kidult man imperial wax solvent castle

11 the raveonettes hallucinations lust lust lust fierce panda

11 free kitten monster eye inherit ecstatic peace!

Artiste: free kitten
Album: inherit
Label: ecstatic peace!

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