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  EMISSION DU 21/12/2008

Artiste Track Album Label

1 mogwai scotland's shame the hawk is howling wall of sound

2 no age brain burner nouns sub pop

3 bellafea depart cavalcade southern

4 paramount styles alleyesareyounowmypet failure american music cycle

5 all girl summer fun band plastic toy dream looking into it agsfb music

6 the jesus and mary chain just like honey psychocandy blanco y negro

7 the jesus and mary chain my little undergound psychocandy blanco y negro

7 the jesus and mary chain it's so hard (be in black) psychocandy blanco y negro

7 agatha three night stand getting dressed for a death metal party wallace

7 doctor and nurse pretty pretty pretty me(n)tal hospital autoproduction

9 serena-maneesh oxygen, please! (grandsport mix) sm backwards smalltown supersound

10 gregor samsa the adolescent rest own

10 modey lemon it made you dumb season of sweets birdman

10 sian alice group way down to heaven 59.59 the social registry

10 bellafea thorn bird ii cavalcade southern

10 yellow6 moderna when leaves fall like snow make nine music

10 the warlocks moving mountains heavy deavy skull lover tee pee

10 asva what you don't know in frontier what you don't know is frontier southern

10 bellafea run rabbit run cavalcade southern

10 bardo pond slip away batholith three lobed

Artiste: bellafea
Album: cavalcade
Label: southern


Artiste: the jesus and mary chain
Album: psychocandy
Label: blanco y negro
Track(s): just like honey / my little undergound / it's so hard (be in black)


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