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  EMISSION DU 18/01/2009

Artiste Track Album Label

1 bardo pond a tune batholith three lobed

2 doctor and nurse drowning victim me(n)tal hospital autoproduction

3 magnetix living in a box positively negative born bad

4 the raveonettes young and beautiful beauty dies fierce panda

5 ... and you will know us by the trail of dead it was there that i saw you source tags & codes interscope

6 gregor samsa - (untitled track #1) gregor samsa iodine

7 gregor samsa - (untitled track #3) 27:36 own

7 gregor samsa what i can manage 55:12 own

7 vandal x don't expect anything more all lined up against the wall vlas vegas

7 casse brique marcel larsen glumor honest house

9 deerhunter dot gain weird era cont. 4ad

10 magnetix positively negative positively negative born bad

10 stars of the lid another ballad for heavy lids and their refinement of the decline kranky

10 scraps of tape wright is rong read between the lines at all times tender version

10 the suicidal birds no nada versus life tocado

10 pissed jeans fantasy world hope for men sub pop

10 hiroshima rocks around arab hra666 no-fi

10 magnetix hta-tnt positively negative born bad

10 magik markers four/the ballad of harry angstrom boss ecstatic peace!

Artiste: magnetix
Album: positively negative
Label: born bad


Artiste: gregor samsa
Album: gregor samsa
Label: iodine
Track(s): - (untitled track #1)

Artiste: gregor samsa
Album: 27:36
Label: own
Track(s): - (untitled track #3)

Artiste: gregor samsa
Album: 55:12
Label: own
Track(s): what i can manage


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