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  EMISSION DU 18/10/2009

Artiste Track Album Label

1 to kill a petty bourgeoisie the needle marlone kranky

2 pissed jeans false jesii part 2 king of jeans sub pop

3 keiki skegness waltham holy cross cheap satanism

4 magik markers don't talk in your sleep balf quarry drag city

5 the horrors who can say primary colours xl

6 madensuyu write or wrong d is done digital piss factory

7 haymarket riot chasing endurance endless bummer divot

7 loop arc-lite (sonar) world in your eyes reactor

7 loop like rats (cover) world in your eyes reactor

7 loop got to get it over (live) world in your eyes reactor

9 a place to bury strangers i live my life to stand in the shadow in your heart exploding head mute

10 evangelista i lay there in front of me covered in ice prince of truth constellation

10 keiki lottie johl waltham holy cross cheap satanism

10 magik markers the lighter side of... hippies balf quarry drag city

10 hope sandoval & the warm inventions for the rest of your life through the devil softly nettwerk

10 do make say think make other truths constellation

10 bilge pump the rise and fall of the alpha male rupert in the sky gringo

10 part chimp dirty sun thriller rock action

10 casse brique flip flap glumor honest house

10 keiki forest fire waltham holy cross cheap satanism

11 magik markers ohio r. live hoosier balf quarry drag city

11 geisha a wilderness, except by sight die verbrechen der liebe crucial blast

Artiste: keiki
Album: waltham holy cross
Label: cheap satanism

Artiste: magik markers
Album: balf quarry
Label: drag city


Artiste: loop
Album: world in your eyes
Label: reactor
Track(s): arc-lite (sonar) / like rats (cover) / got to get it over (live)


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