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  EMISSION DU 20/12/2009

Artiste Track Album Label

1 shellac end of radio live @ atp festival dec. 2009 -

2 usssy holyshit usssy r.a.i.g.

3 the ax weak creatures our queen of dirt whoa! boat

4 homostupids i am the hawk the load load

5 heavy trash (sometimes you got to be) gentle midnight soul serenade fat possum

5 pontiak sea voids sea voids thrill jockey

6 mute sinking thoughts postrectum autoproduction

6 pterodactyl share the shade worldwild brah

6 russian circles when the mountain comes to muhammad geneva suicide squeeze

6 king congo & the pink monkey birds lsdc dracula boots in the red

8 swingers dancing bejard demo #01 autoproduction

9 invaders charmer floating karate body

9 pavement debris slide westing (by musket and sextant) big cat

9 homostupids baking the wolf the load load

9 om cremation gath ii god is good drag city

9 nlf3 fuses apes & doppler ride on a brand new time prohibited

9 tv ghost the recluse cold fish in the red

9 the magnetix rib out rib out 7'' slovenly

9 berline0.33 itk berline0.33 vocation

9 a sunny day in glasgow evil, with evil, against evil ashes grammar mis ojos discos

10 patton hellénique chevaleresque récital hellénique chevaleresque récital matamore

10 homostupids towering powering the load load

Artiste: homostupids
Album: the load
Label: load


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