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  EMISSION DU 14/02/2010

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the ax weak creatures our queen of dirt whoa! boat

2 medusa snare ncy cinderella squirrel

3 liars scissor sisterworld mute

4 frankie rose thee only one thee only one slumberland

5 pterodactyl share the shade worldwild jagjaguwar

6 next exit to nowhere love is a sweet melody the tiger and the zucchini interstellar

7 lite vermillion turns red ep i want the moon

7 subarachnoid space hunter seeker eight bells crucial blast

7 tokyo sex destruction don´t let my hands fall the neighbourhood pyromane

7 little claw human taste (below the tide) human taste ecstatic peace!

10 tv ghost the singularity cold fish in the red

11 quiet sadder day night fever the grammar of night autoproduction

11 liars scarecrows on a killer slant sisterworld mute

11 dum dum girls catholicked yours alone 12" ep captured tracks

11 keiki skegness waltham holy cross cheap satanism

11 scout niblett meet and greet the calcination of scout niblett drag city

11 comanechi naked crime of love merok

11 times new viking (no) sympathy born again revisited matador

11 the horrors three decades primary colours xl

11 frank shinobi les evadés du zoulkistan a little less more honest house

12 allroh was brauchst du hag dec graumann

12 liars goodnight everything sisterworld mute

Artiste: liars
Album: sisterworld
Label: mute

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