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  EMISSION DU 04/04/2010

Artiste Track Album Label

1 broken water mother boyfriend hole 7" autoproduction

2 usssy sullen rebirth usssy r.a.i.g.

3 dum dum girls bhang bhang, i´m a burnout i will be sub pop

4 tv ghost the consumption cold fish in the red

5 a sunny day in glasgow evil, with evil, against evil ashes grammar mis ojos discos

6 fordamage monosourcil belgian tango kithybong

7 pygmy shrews catheter big time work to death

7 yume bitsu of freedom and flight giant surface music falling to earth like jewels from the sky ba da bing!

7 yume bitsu i wait for you yume bitsu ba da bing!

7 yume bitsu the wedding procession auspicious winds k

9 todd happy easter florida big ripper riot season

10 dum dum girls i will be i will be sub pop

10 next exit to nowhere atomic glow remember autoproduction

10 rso you too row parkway steel

10 marvin noise olympique marvin autoproduction

10 dum dum girls everybody´s out i will be sub pop

Artiste: dum dum girls
Album: i will be
Label: sub pop


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