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  EMISSION DU 02/05/2010

Artiste Track Album Label

1 enablers the achievement tundra majic wallet

2 sonic youth sacred trickster eternal matador

3 marvin roquedur hangover the top africantape

4 pavement gold soundz quarantine the past domino

5 zu chtonian carboniferous ipecac

6 jucifer the mountain l´autrichienne relapse

7 bipolar bear crabby levine v/a: bipolar bear + hiroshima rocks around split lp kill shaman

7 archie bronson outfit you have right to a mountain life / one up on yourself coconut domino

7 scout niblett strip me pluto the calcination of scout niblett drag city

7 madensuyu fafafafuckin´ d is done digital piss factory

10 dum dum girls bhang bhang, i´m a burnout i will be sub pop

11 black rebel motorcycle club need some air baby 81 rca/island

11 marvin fear hangover the top africantape

11 pavement here quarantine the past domino

11 next exit to nowhere burning man remember autoproduction

11 the fall funnel of love your future our clutter domino

11 broken water web whet night people

11 grails predestination blues doomsdayer´s holiday temporary residence limited

11 pavement box elder quarantine the past domino

11 marvin here come the warm jets hangover the top africantape

Artiste: marvin
Album: hangover the top
Label: africantape

Artiste: pavement
Album: quarantine the past
Label: domino


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