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  EMISSION DU 16/05/2010

Artiste Track Album Label

1 next exit to nowhere william kinnimond burton remember autoproduction

2 brilliant colors yell in the air introducing slumberland

3 don vito vidar zuhause iv tremor panda

4 baby fire i love to cook - autoproduction

5 casse brique marcel larsen glumor honest house

6 frank shinobi gazoduc dans la steppe a little less more honest house

7 zu obsidian carboniferous ipecac

7 skywave mary´s shadow took the sun cherry coated

7 skywave girlfriend´s dead echodrone cherry coated

7 skywave angela´s an angel synthstatic allison

9 red sparowes giving birth to imagined saviors the fear is excruciating, but therein lies the answer sargent house

10 evangelista you are jaguar prince of truth constellation

10 quasi bye bye blackbird american gong kill rock stars

10 don vito webb2.0 iv tremor panda

10 godspeed you! black emperor rockets fall on rocket falls yanqui u.x.o. constellation

10 archie bronson outfit you have right to a mountain life / one up on yourself coconut domino

10 jucifer the mountain l´autrichienne relapse

10 don vito mihaha iv tremor panda

10 a place to bury strangers lost feeling exploding head mute

Artiste: don vito
Album: iv
Label: tremor panda

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