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  EMISSION DU 06/06/2010

Artiste Track Album Label

1 serena-maneesh reprobate! s-m 2: abyss in b minor 4ad

2 pygmy shrews catheter big time work to death

3 black math horseman tyrant wyllt tee pee

4 stereo total andy warhol baby ouh! disko b

5 the dead weather no horse sea of cowards third man

6 chevreuil bastogne chateauvallon ruminance

7 racebannon death valley 69 v/a: confuse yr idols - a tribute to sonic youth narnack

7 bellini the thin line the precious prize of gravity temporary residence limited

7 heirs mandril alchera denovali

7 autolux robots in the garden future perfect full time hobby

9 petula clarck lay lay lay aye-aye-aye none

10 keiki skegness waltham holy cross cheap satanism

10 red sparowes a swarm the fear is excruciating, but therein lies the answer sargent house

10 stereo total tour de france baby ouh! disko b

10 black math horseman a barren cause wyllt tee pee

10 the sonics have love, will travel here are the sonics etiquette

10 atari teenage riot too dead for me 60 second wipe out digital hardcore

10 shining the madness and the damage done blackjazz indie

10 rainbow arabia holiday in congo kabukimono manimal vinyl

10 dum dum girls bhang bhang, i´m a burnout i will be sub pop

11 wovenhand the beautiful axe ten stones sound familyre

11 the raveonettes love in a trashcan pretty in black columbia

11 frank shinobi les evadés du zoulkistan a little less more honest house

11 fucked up black albino bones the chemistry of common life matador

11 black math horseman bird of all faiths and none-bell from madrone wyllt tee pee

11 stereo total baby ouh! baby ouh! disko b

Artiste: stereo total
Album: baby ouh!
Label: disko b

Artiste: black math horseman
Album: wyllt
Label: tee pee

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