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  EMISSION DU 11/07/2010

Artiste Track Album Label

1 baby fire bones soup bones soup autoproduction

2 medusa snare slow motion cinderella squirrel

3 drunkdriver quality of my life drunkdriver load

4 el dinah mortarshell esperento autoproduction

5 butcher boogie hell´s angels from hell v/a: massacrés belges - vol 1 massacrés belges

5 keiki lottie johl waltham holy cross cheap satanism

6 glowsun green sun, sick world the sundering buzzville

6 adolina undercurrent domovoï autoproduction

6 petula clarck lay lay lay aye-aye-aye none

6 kodiak end kodiak denovali

8 pneu a coup de couteau denté pince monseigneur head

9 naked on the vague the joke heaps of nothing siltbreeze

9 todd track side fire big ripper riot season

9 wovenhand the beautiful axe ten stones sound familyre

9 the dancing naked ladies asbestos skin pink lycanthropes none

9 serena-maneesh honey jinx s-m 2: abyss in b minor 4ad

9 atari teenage riot revolution action 1992-2000 digital hardcore

9 frank shinobi destination dubaï a little less more honest house

9 chokebore ciao l.a. it´s a miracle pale blue

9 dum dum girls lines her eyes i will be sub pop

10 archie bronson outfit wild strawberries coconut domino

10 black math horseman bird of all faiths and none-bell from madrone wyllt tee pee
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