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  EMISSION DU 03/10/2010

Artiste Track Album Label

1 a place to bury strangers i live my life to stand in the shadow of your heart exploding head mute

2 naked on the vague mysterious oven heaps of nothing siltbreeze

3 the ex double order catch my choe ex

4 jesus is my son nu et seul sacrifices odieux ff hhh

5 ventura feat. david yow it´s raining on one of my islands ventura feat. david yow africantape

6 joy as a toy l´attaque des vampires suceuses de sang valparaiso cheap satanism

7 heirs plague asphyx alchera denovali

7 the telescopes precious little precious little cheree

7 the telescopes everso everso creation

7 the telescopes the sleepwalk flying creation

9 bellini save the greyhounds the precious prize of gravity temporary residence limited

10 tortoise gigantes (mark ernestus version) why waste time? thrill jockey

10 baby fire bunny bones soup autoproduction

10 the ex 24 problems catch my choe ex

10 red sparowes a swarm the fear is excruciating, but therein lies the answer conspiracy

10 pinkshinyultrablast blaster happy songs for happy zombies odd box

10 the ex tree float catch my choe ex

10 the black angels bad vibrations phosphene dream blue horizon

10 melt-banana cracked plaster cast bambi´s dillema a-zap

Artiste: the ex
Album: catch my choe
Label: ex


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