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  EMISSION DU 24/10/2010

Artiste Track Album Label

1 p.j. harvey sheela-na-gig the peel sessions 1991-2004 island

2 no age fever dreaming everything in between sub pop

3 the redneck manifesto black apple friendship richter collective

4 les savy fav appetites root for ruin wichita

5 pontiak and by night living thrill jockey

6 the fall bury pts. 1+3 your future our clutter domino

7 best coast i want to crazy for you mexican summer

7 health nice girls get color lovepump united

7 blurt cut it! cut it! les temps modernes

7 liars scissor sisterworld mute

9 deerhunter earthquake halcyon digest 4ad

10 joy as a toy 12345 valparaiso cheap satanism

10 baby fire dark ages - autoproduction

10 the redneck manifesto rubber up friendship richter collective

10 les savy fav poltergeist root for ruin wichita

10 jimmy eat world episode iv static prevails grand royal

10 at the drive-in one armed scissor relationship of command grand royal

10 buffalo daughter california blues captain vapour athletes grand royal

10 butter 08 butter of 69 butter grand royal

10 luscious jackson strongman natural ingredients grand royal

11 sean lennon part one of the cowboy trilogy into the sun grand royal

11 the josephine wiggs experience arizona bon bon lifestyle grand royal

11 year of no light perséphone ii ausserwelt conspiracy

11 the redneck manifesto weird waters friendship richter collective

11 les savy fav excess energies root for ruin wichita

Artiste: the redneck manifesto
Album: friendship
Label: richter collective

Artiste: les savy fav
Album: root for ruin
Label: wichita

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