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  EMISSION DU 23/01/2011

Artiste Track Album Label

1 bardo pond lord of light v/a: every noise has a note trensmat

2 the vaselines ruined sex with an x sub pop

3 waxeater are those fucking beers ice cold yet? sleeper latest flame

4 thisquietarmy + yellow6 sand death basse frequences

5 girlfight feeble crown infinite carcass emerald moon

6 the kills hook and line midnight boom domino

7 pissed jeans sam kinison woman your life is worth sub pop

7 the darkside guitar voodoo all that noise situation two

7 the darkside found love all that noise situation two

7 the darkside all that noise all that noise situation two

10 library tapes terese like green grass against a blue sky auetic

11 volt voice born in an oyster v/a: archipelagos honest house

11 condominium gag gag deer healer

11 paramount styles amsterdam heaven´s alright cycle

11 waxeater the excellence of falsehood sleeper latest flame

11 gay beast we keep our victims ready to smithereens skin graft

11 disappears guider guider kranky

11 child abuse cut and run cut and run lovepump united

11 köhn opinions are like assholes, the internet is full of them we need more space in the cosmos (k-raa-k)³

11 germanotta youth colony collapse disorder the harvesting of souls wallace

12 kayo dot the antique choirs of the eye tzadik

12 monotonix body language body language drag city

12 kk null/david brown terminal hz 4 terminal hz ground fault

12 waxeater glenn vansick sleeper latest flame

12 pale grey autumn - autoproduction

Artiste: waxeater
Album: sleeper
Label: latest flame

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