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  EMISSION DU 06/02/2011

Artiste Track Album Label

1 berline0.33 hoopladder flying above scarecrows l´antichambre

2 red x red m citizen infant between prayers and my curses our kind might just triumph yet australian cattle god

3 disappears halo guider kranky

4 mogwai letters to the metro hardcore will never die, but you will rock action

5 charlottefield i´m harry marchant make it easy on yourself unlabel

6 white noise sound sunset white noise sound alive

7 les bellas it´s a crying shame belladelic les disques steak/sdz

7 ligament give it up kind deeds flower shop

7 ligament holidaymaker kind deeds flower shop

7 ligament southbound kind deeds flower shop

9 zeus! giacomo leopardi zeus! bar la muerte

10 jucifer return of the native throned in blood nomadic fortress

10 disappears new fast guider kranky

10 thisquietarmy + yellow6 sand death basses frequences

10 library tapes klosterg like green grass against a blue sky auetic

10 bardo pond cracker wrist bardo pond fire

10 le coup du parapluie the set up philosophie, bien-être et crimes passionnels autoproduction

10 köhn opinions are like assholes, the internet is full of them we need more space in the cosmos (k-raa-k)³

10 disappears revisiting guider kranky

Artiste: disappears
Album: guider
Label: kranky


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