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  EMISSION DU 15/05/2011

Artiste Track Album Label

1 russian circles fathom geneva suicide squeeze

2 woven bones couldn´t help but stare in and out and black again hozac

3 no balls less less who can you trust?

4 tinsel teeth captain antgonist pink eye nail in the coffin

5 low majesty/magic c´mon sub pop

5 fucked up serve me right david comes to life matador

6 naked on the vague dissatisfaction twelve dark noons sacred bones

6 explosions in the sky last known surroundings take care, take care, take care temporary residence limited

6 ecole du ciel busmalis ecole du ciel hysm?

6 31knots get gone trump harm polyvinyl

8 pneu choux crane highway to health head

9 bear claw backbreaker refuse this gift sickroom

9 tinsel teeth deadweight pink eye nail in the coffin

9 duchess says order of sectors - - (unreleased)

9 who knew sharper the knife bits and pieces of a major spectacle devil duck

9 ty segall cents lemons goner

9 ... and you will know us by the trail of dead mistakes & regrets madonna domino

9 corleone corleone corleone lowmen

9 deerhoof super duper rescue heads! deerhoof vs. evil polyvinyl

9 yussuf jerusalem we ain´t coming back a heart full of sorrow born bad

10 reiziger windows of the world my favourite everything stick sister

10 honey for petzi endless sea general thoughts and tastes two gentlemen

10 marvin roquedur hangover the top africantape

10 drums are for parades another kind of bad master skeleton ears

10 deerhunter desire lines halcyon digest 4ad

10 tinsel teeth bone orchard pink eye nail in the coffin

10 grouper she loves me that way a|a: alien observer / a|a: dream loss yellow electric

Artiste: tinsel teeth
Album: pink eye
Label: nail in the coffin

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