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  EMISSION DU 19/06/2011

Artiste Track Album Label

1 killed by 9v batteries all the people bite their tongues off crux siluh

2 ultrathin glass city glass city 7" badmaster

3 young widows young rivers in and out of youth and lightness temporary residence limited

4 great falls hundred of child soldiers fontanelle paradigms

5 the vera violets my love in between fires autoproduction

6 hoquets couque de dinant belgotronics crammed discs

7 linnake no rest linnake carton

7 a-frames dress in black 333 s.s.

7 a-frames radiation generation 333 s.s.

7 a-frames traction 333 s.s.

10 soda shop farewell farewell 7" shelflife

11 arborea red planet red planet strange attractors audio house

11 young widows future heart in and out of youth and lightness temporary residence limited

11 great falls pareidolia fontanelle paradigms

11 eyehategod sister fucker take as needed for pain century media

11 nomeansno two lips, two lungs and one tongue wrong alternative tentacles

12 nomeansno it´s catching up wrong alternative tentacles

12 liturgy ecstatic rite renihilation 20 buck spin

12 monno troye ghosts conspiracy

12 knut wonder/daily grind wonder conspiracy

13 chevreuil tonnerre mécanique capoeira ruminance

13 child abuse cut and run cut and run lovepump united

13 disappears guider guider kranky

13 monotonix flesh and blood where were you when it happened? drag city

13 black math horseman a barren cause wyllt tee pee

13 jucifer disciples of an expanding sun throned in blood nomadic fortress

13 great falls another starving excuse fontanelle paradigms

13 young widows miss tambourine wrist in and out of youth and lightness temporary residence limited

Artiste: great falls
Album: fontanelle
Label: paradigms

Artiste: young widows
Album: in and out of youth and lightness
Label: temporary residence limited

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