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  EMISSION DU 10/07/2011

Artiste Track Album Label

1 aunty panty cunt ap ep yo´ mama$ ¢redit ¢ard rekkid$

2 leather no motivation sterile ep jade tree

3 the men if you leave... leave home sacred bones

4 hawks hung rub trans ruin

5 organic sequence of my projector demo autoproduction

6 berline0.33 socialite planned obsolescence katatak

7 the oscillation future echo veils all time low

7 explosions in the sky last known surroundings take care, take care, take care temporary residence limited

7 cartographer drop a is a ridiculous tuning hats, capes, dark arts autoproduction

7 the thermals our trip fuckin a sub pop

9 civil civic run overdrive run overdrive autoproduction

10 mnttab bad things vaphorizer noiseland

10 drive with a dead girl vautours fives et pourtant ça avait bien commencé

10 hawks holy day rub trans ruin

10 the men think leave home sacred bones

10 rolo tomassi house house casanova cosmology hassle

10 this will destroy you hand powdered tunnel blanket monotreme

10 duchess says aeae anthologie des 3 perchoirs alien8

10 drums are for parades i´m not who you think we are master skeleton ears

10 russian circles fathom geneva suicide squeeze

11 ultraphallus right models sowberry hagan riot season

11 k-branding assente cultura alliance humpty dumpty

11 a place to bury strangers i live my life to stand in the shadow of your heart exploding head mute

11 bearsuit jim´s henson´s creature workshop the phantom forest fortuna pop

11 thee oh sees castlemania castlemania in the red

11 hawks late bloomer rub trans ruin

11 the men () leave home sacred bones

11 oneida pre-human absolute ii jagjaguwar

Artiste: the men
Album: leave home
Label: sacred bones

Artiste: hawks
Album: rub
Label: trans ruin

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