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  EMISSION DU 16/10/2011

Artiste Track Album Label

1 big sexy noise devil´s working overtime trust the witch africantape

2 peter kernel the peaceful white death black heart africantape

3 white lung viva la rat it´s evil deranged

4 atari teenage riot blood in my eyes is this hyperreal? dim mak

5 the liminanas af3458 af3458 sdz

5 volt voice born in an oyster volt voice honest house

6 zëro fast car hungry dogs (in the backyard)

6 ultracoït the ponce the sperm ep rejuvenation

6 berline0.33 anaesthesia planned obsolescence katatak

6 perils of penelope small soldier this product is not a toy gaw!

8 keiki full body wolf v/a: keiki / bee and flower cheap satanism

9 white lung shoot it´s evil deranged

9 pak the higher the elevation the lesser the vegetation motel ra sounds

9 cut hands who no know go knows cut hands very friendly

9 enablers the reader blown realms and stalled explosions exile on mainstream

9 ahleuchatistas heraclitean location location open letter

9 iconaclass i got it i got it ep deadverse

9 kk null + david menche - (untitled track #1) raijin asphodel

9 envy distress of ignorance a dead sinking story rock action

9 stig noise sound system attack, attack, attack, attack, attack v/a: stig noise sound system vs a.p.a.t.t. split class a audio

10 divorce early christianity divorce optimo music

10 wolves in the throne room subterranean initiation celestial lineage southern lord

10 true champions ride on speed dive true champions ride on speed autoproduction

10 cellos the greys bomb shelter autoproduction

10 white lung tale it´s evil deranged

Artiste: white lung
Album: it´s evil
Label: deranged

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