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  EMISSION DU 05/12/2011

Artiste Track Album Label

1 il s´agit de la diffusion de l´émission initialement prévue le 25/11 à la place de la rediffusion habituelle.

2 talk normal river´s edge sugarland rare bookroom

3 the megaphonic thrift candy sin decay decoy sonic unyon

4 pre yr fun is fun third album skin graft

5 petula clarck dededin instinction none

6 barn owl the darkest night since 1863 lost in the glare thrill jockey

7 aucan rooko dna ep africantape

7 brown angel occidentosis brown angel thunderhaus ltd

7 that fucking tank car on fire tft obscene baby auction

7 mon-o-phone i see the great depression of mr and ms phono mr and ms phono

9 marvin noise olympique marvin africantape

10 idiot prayer 100 ducks falconer muzai

10 miranda peep show, i got you growing heads above the roof fromscratch

10 philaretordre etincelle philaretordre perkunowa

10 petula clarck chacal instinction none

10 pre dead pony third album skin graft

10 xiu xiu i luv the valley fabulous muscles

10 l´altra big air kiss telepathic

10 manta ray que nino soy estratexa

10 the strugglers the cascade range you win

11 many fingers for measured shores our worn shadow

11 apse from the north spirit

11 migala el tigre que hay en ti la incredibile aventura

11 tara jane o´neil the phoenix a raveling

11 matt elliott something about ghosts howling songs ici d´ailleurs

11 petula clarck yazoulk instinction none

11 pre goof third album skin graft

Artiste: petula clarck
Album: instinction
Label: none

Artiste: pre
Album: third album
Label: skin graft

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