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  EMISSION DU 25/03/2012

Artiste Track Album Label

1 white hills you dream you see frying on this rock thrill jockey

2 catholic spray homosexual shrimps amazon hunt teenage menopause

3 household go away items dull knife

4 marylin rambo la rome antique baleine à nourrir label brique

5 hills rise again master sleeps transubstans

6 teletextile what if you reflector ep autoproduction

7 disappears hibernation sickness pre language kranky

7 the redneck manifesto black apple friendship richter collective

7 cacaw conquering the green dragon bat skin robes rotted tooth

7 action beat car crash halloween disco beatings truth cult

9 high wolf etoile star etoile 3030 not not fun

10 berline0.33 anaesthesia planned obsolescence katatak

10 household wave goodbye items dull knife

10 marylin rambo minimal full power baleine à nourrir label brique

10 chevreuil rock´n´roll garnison chateauvallon ruminance

10 butcher mind collapse complicity night dress leming

10 doomsday student bleeding pioneers a jumpers´s handbook anchor brain

10 hazel-rah stars the africantape ep africantape

10 16/17 davul 16/17 savage land

10 les yeux de la tête fyyff nerf head

11 jesus is my son des pleurs et des larmes 1914-1918 ffhhh

11 petula clarck dededin instinction none

11 petula clarck sulfate instinction none

11 upsilon acrux landscape with gun and chandeliers radian futura cuneiform

11 heirs mandril alchera denovali

11 marylin rambo rock la poste baleine à nourrir label brique

11 household desperate times items dull knife

Artiste: household
Album: items
Label: dull knife

Artiste: marylin rambo
Album: baleine à nourrir
Label: label brique

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