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  EMISSION DU 29/04/2012

Artiste Track Album Label

1 a place to bury strangers i lost you onwards to the wall dead oceans

2 buildings invocation melt cry sleep cash cow

3 yes i´m leaving untitled nothing tenzenmen

4 tenderbuttons bi-passing tender buttons autoproduction

5 shoppers i v/a: panzram + shoppers - split 7" ep feeble minds

6 aucan rooko dna ep africantape

7 marriages ride in my place kitsune sargent house

7 the jon spencer blues explosion attack acme mute

7 one lick less wee nasty & we could be quiet autoproduction

7 tire-bouschtroumpf & schtroumpf-bouffon schtroumpfs trilogie des héros de l´enfance autoproduction

9 bloodsweep double wink burns & burns autoproduction

10 tang life of shooting stars dynamite drug diamond twist and shout

10 yes i´m leaving same nothing tenzenmen

10 the pirate ship quintet i kina spiser de hund the pirate ship quintet ep sound devastation

10 her name is calla a sleeper long grass ep denovali

10 neil on impression centimetri davanti all´orizzonte l´oceano delle onde che restano onde per sempre denovali

10 revok a morbid assault in an indecent exposure bad books and empty pasts denovali

10 a dead forest index anchoring the hands antique ep denovali

10 omega massif in der mine geisterstadt denovali

10 celeste diluons nos souvenirs d´enfance pessimistes denovali

11 lento hymen icon denovali

11 petrels winchester croydon winchester haeligewielle denovali

11 the samuel jackson five face the fax goodbye melody mountain denovali

11 a whisper in the noise black shroud to forget exile on mainstream

11 yes i´m leaving ignorants nothing tenzenmen

Artiste: yes i´m leaving
Album: nothing
Label: tenzenmen

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