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  EMISSION DU 20/05/2012

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the men ex-dreams open your heart sacred bones

2 piatcions singapore mon amour senseless sense i blame the parents

3 warm widow cracker widower white box

4 scheisseberg king of fake cherry mount dv´s

5 gifts from enola angel face v/a: well worn lp (split w/ caravels & gifts from enola) topshelf

6 bee and flower swallow your stars suspension cheap satanism

7 ema anteroom past life martyred saints souterrain transmissions

7 dub trio noise iv roir

7 the electra crush the electra autoproduction

7 house of love destroy the heart the german album renascent

9 house of love love the german album renascent

10 house of love loneliness is a gun the german album renascent

10 ides of gemini martyrium of the hippolyt the description writ ep autoproduction

10 scheisseberg sweet time cherry mount dv´s

10 warm widow lost dog widower white box

10 atari teenage riot rearrange your synapses is this hyperreal? dim mak

10 defeater dear father empty days and sleepless nights bridge nine

10 trash kit cadets trash kit upset the rhythm

10 chausse trappe face b 420m3 - 37´14" kithybong

10 organic disturbing street fist, food & fury autoproduction

11 dark times talk too much dark times tape ormeyngel

11 jesus is my son armistice 1914-1918 ff hhh

11 scheisseberg cure cherry mount dv´s

11 warm widow in a blackout widower white box

Artiste: scheisseberg
Album: cherry mount
Label: dv´s

Artiste: warm widow
Album: widower
Label: white box


Artiste: house of love
Album: the german album
Label: renascent
Track(s): destroy the heart / love / loneliness is a gun

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