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  EMISSION DU 10/06/2012

Artiste Track Album Label

1 white hills you dream you see frying on this rock thrill jockey

2 tropic of cancer a color the sorrow of two blooms ep blackest ever black

3 slices still cruising/trying to make a living still cruising iron lung

4 grass widow goldilocks zone internal logic hlr

5 gum fast fast e.p. autoproduction

6 tang paint it black dynamite drug diamond twist and shout

7 big black cloud black friday shitty vibrations stank house

7 all natural & lime flavors you can never tell turning into small gern blandsten

7 all natural & lime flavors puzzled into pieces turning into small gern blandsten

7 all natural & lime flavors paradigm somehow turning into small gern blandsten

10 terraformer nereid the sea sharper dunk!

11 moon duo seer mazes sacred bones

11 the kvb the truth always then clan destine

11 grass widow hang around internal logic hlr

11 slices greensleeves still cruising iron lung

11 sweek iki v/a: gang sampler 2006 gang

11 the k. bald woman v/a: concours circuit 2011 court circuit

11 antilux one lie sleeping below the cloud boya entertainment

11 k-branding kanal v/a: gang sampler 2006 gang

11 defeater dear father empty days and sleepless nights bridge nine

12 slices class time still cruising iron lung

12 grass widow whistling in the dark internal logic hlr

Artiste: grass widow
Album: internal logic
Label: hlr

Artiste: slices
Album: still cruising
Label: iron lung


Artiste: all natural & lime flavors
Album: turning into small
Label: gern blandsten
Track(s): you can never tell / puzzled into pieces / paradigm somehow


Interview de David Dehard dans le cadre du Concours circuit 2012

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