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  EMISSION DU 08/07/2012

Artiste Track Album Label

1 bloodhouse please don´t meet me please don´t meet me caesar cuts

2 september girls hells bells september girls demo soft power

3 hawks white crosses pushover learning curve

4 death and vanilla rituals death and vanilla hands in the dark

5 seawave seawave demo permanent sleep

6 picore sardanapal iii assyrian vertigo jarring effects

7 paint fumes egyptian rats egyptian rats ep slovenly

7 multicult runaway endian spaces tangled sleeping giant glossolalia

7 whatever brains bad dads whatever brains sorry state

7 disasteratti the veteran tansmissionary learning curve

10 bitches housebreaker buster gravy

11 usssy sludge ice ud autoproduction

11 looks like miaou 19 674 658km looks like miaou bon voyage

11 death and vanilla cul-de-sac death and vanilla hands in the dark

11 hawks colossus pushover learning curve

11 stillscreen hawaiian trees still-machine-muzak (live) autoproduction

12 hex lovers we go on we go on autoproduction

12 blast and the detergents paranoid future brain time now no clear

12 crash normal you can still run (it´s a long race) your body got a land born bad

12 deathtram tomorrow is just a word deathtram error

13 k-holes child dismania hardly art

13 dark times he´s a slut dark times tape ormeyngel

13 poles teodor marmyteran autoproduction

13 broken water yanka dyagileva tempest hardly art

13 silver dapple slipstitch english girlfriend forchristsake

13 hawks no exercise pushover learning curve

13 death and vanilla the unseeing i death and vanilla hands in the dark

Artiste: death and vanilla
Album: death and vanilla
Label: hands in the dark

Artiste: hawks
Album: pushover
Label: learning curve

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