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  EMISSION DU 07/10/2012

Artiste Track Album Label

1 a place to bury strangers mind control worship dead oceans

2 novella eat yourself novella e/p italian beach babes

3 choochooshoeshoot you´re welcome playland kythibong

4 arcing industrial trust doubt corleone

5 bee and flower it´s the rain suspension cheap satanism

6 jesus is my son no man´s land 1914-1918 ffhhh

7 tonnerre mécanique eixa lag tonnerre mécanique katatak

7 unison lost generation unison lentonia

7 unison intimacy unison lentonia

7 unison first degree unison lentonia

9 swingers dancing bejard demo #1 autoproduction

10 fordamage the border volta desviada kythibong

10 arcing dragonpainter doubt corleone

10 choochooshoeshoot daz bees playland kythibong

10 lento earth earthen supernatural cat

10 korekyojinn yellow jacket tundra magaibutsu

10 jooklo duo the hook high troglosound

10 yowie whippersnapper damning with faint praise skin graft

10 poino widow´s cube moan loose horse arm

10 dope body enemy outta me nupping hoss

11 scott h. biram broke ass bad ingredients bloodshot

11 mamiffer iron water mare decendrii conspiracy

11 the cesarians the creation theory v/a:sickroom records & africantape - sampler 2012 africantape/sickroom

11 skoal kodiak hollidazzle kryptonym bodliak load

11 arcing purple tanks doubt corleone

11 choochooshoeshoot coming playland kythibong

Artiste: arcing
Album: doubt
Label: corleone

Artiste: choochooshoeshoot
Album: playland
Label: kythibong


Artiste: unison
Album: unison
Label: lentonia
Track(s): lost generation / intimacy / first degree

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