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  EMISSION DU 04/11/2012

Artiste Track Album Label

1 hey lover piranha tennessee hovercraft

2 ipswich oxymoron baby factory muzai

3 tv ghost phantasm phantasm sweet rot

4 godspeed you! black emperor mladic allelujah! don´t bend! ascend! constellation

5 ... and you will know us by the trail of dead up to infinity lost songs richter scale

5 horson jean_fade démo 2012 honest house

6 k-holes child dismania hardly art

6 puffy areolas dark places (guyana pt. ii) 1982: dishonorable discharge hozac

6 electric electric neutra tantra discipline africantape

6 hangedup and tony conrad transit of venus transit of venus constellation

8 godspeed you! black emperor their helicopters´ sing allelujah! don´t bend! ascend! constellation

9 man forever surface pattern pansophical cataract thrill jockey

9 vélooo mamitraillette même pas mal a tant rêver du roi

9 godspeed you! black emperor we drift like worried fire allelujah! don´t bend! ascend! constellation

9 hey lover i get the feeling tennessee hovercraft

Artiste: godspeed you! black emperor
Album: allelujah! don´t bend! ascend!
Label: constellation

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