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  EMISSION DU 02/12/2012

Artiste Track Album Label

1 white mystery people power people power ep perpetrator

2 novella mary´s gun mary´s gun italian beach babes

3 the sunglasses don´t become this the sunglasses army of bad luck

4 totorro tonton alain michel home alone ep autoproduction

5 choochooshoeshoot itchy weather playland kythibong

5 uzeda wailing stella touch and go

6 female band one day the sea will swallow me goodbye new york forever italian beach babes

6 the sundays can´t be sure reading, writing and arithmetic rough trade

6 the sundays hideous towns reading, writing and arithmetic rough trade

6 the sundays joy reading, writing and arithmetic rough trade

8 l´enfance rouge nada, nothing, niente, gar nicht, rien bar-bari wallace

9 keiki full body wolf popcorn from the grave cheap satanism

9 vitas guerulaïtis chomeuz go on vitas guerulaïtis cheap satanism

9 the sunglasses butt touch the sunglasses army of bad luck

9 ensemble excerpts excerpts fat cat

9 forest fire born into starting at the x fat cat

9 maps & atlases solid ground perch patchwork fat cat

9 mazes go betweens a thousand heys fat cat

9 milk maid c´mon boy mostly no fat cat

9 mice parade tales of las negras mice parade fat cat

10 paws jellyfish cokefloat fat cat

10 silje nes the card house opticks fat cat

10 u.s. girls jack gem fat cat

10 mombu zombi zombie subsound

10 suffering astrid restoration netheriser autoproduction

10 the sunglasses tropical brainforest the sunglasses army of bad luck

Artiste: the sunglasses
Album: the sunglasses
Label: army of bad luck


Artiste: the sundays
Album: reading, writing and arithmetic
Label: rough trade
Track(s): can´t be sure / hideous towns / joy

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