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  EMISSION DU 30/12/2012

Artiste Track Album Label

1 whirr flashback part time punks sessions tiger & daggers

2 mil mascaras fuzz fuzz 7" ep hozac

3 paint fumes surf party apocalypse uck life slovenly

4 kowloon walled city the pressure keeps me alive container ships brutal panda

5 microwaves ultra plus psionic impendance ugexplode

6 the evens wanted criminals the odds dischord

7 samara lubelski breaker lights wavelength de stijl

7 chelsea light moving frank o´hara hit - matador

7 mad scene t. rex blip siltbreeze

7 future of the left future child embarassment matrix man vs. melody xtra mile

9 sex church hidden hand somnambulist 12" ep instant pleasure

10 wamü sea wall strip mall viafuckt talking helps

10 paint fumes uck life uck life slovenly

10 kowloon walled city 50s dad container ships brutal panda

10 bardo pond a crossing yntra latitudes

10 obits let me dream if i want to let me dream if i want to sub pop

10 potty mouth hazardville sun damage feeble minds

10 three second kiss mood red tastyville africantape

10 the lost rivers death drive sin and lostness northern star

10 grouper i saw a ray a|a: alien observer / a|a: dream loss yellow electric

11 kowloon walled city wrong side of history container ships brutal panda

11 paint fumes 999 uck life slovenly

Artiste: kowloon walled city
Album: container ships
Label: brutal panda

Artiste: paint fumes
Album: uck life
Label: slovenly

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