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  EMISSION DU 10/03/2013

Artiste Track Album Label

1 nü sensae burnt masks sundowning suicide squeeze

2 sauna youth oh joel false jesii pt. ii static shock

3 tiger magic dys-/ u- crush on you sm musik

4 saaad hieronimus orbs & channels hands in the dark

5 the cherry wave blush blush wolf among wolves

6 the men electric new moon sacred bones

7 the breeders fortunately gone pod 4ad

7 the breeders only in 3´s pod 4ad

7 the breeders limehouse pod 4ad

7 tire-bouschtroumpf & schtroumpf-bouffon straight one tire-bouschtroumpf & schtroumpf-bouffon les disques claumer

9 30,000 monkies imperial staches somewhere over the painbow autoproduction

10 metz knife in the water metz sub pop

10 tiger magic back again crush on you sm musik

10 saaad potsdamer platz orbs & channels hands in the dark

10 siamese queens mona lisa the first siamese queens ep autoproduction

10 don vito webb2.0 iv tremor panda

10 omsq lost kingdom predict suite ep (split w/shkval) antée

10 long distance calling 359 avoid the light superball music

10 die! die! die! erase waves harmony golden antenna

10 mong dosus we are ready mong dosus autoproduction

11 child bite begin the hiss monomania joyful noise

11 hey colossus the drang rrr riot season

11 reiziger the welta my favourite everything stick sister

11 sightings debt depths through the panama load

11 zs mmwi (part 1) music of the modern white the social registry

11 tiger magic lost thoughts crush on you sm musik

11 saaad soft drug orbs & channels hands in the dark

Artiste: saaad
Album: orbs & channels
Label: hands in the dark

Artiste: tiger magic
Album: crush on you
Label: sm musik


Artiste: the breeders
Album: pod
Label: 4ad
Track(s): fortunately gone / only in 3´s / limehouse

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