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  EMISSION DU 12/05/2013

Artiste Track Album Label

1 girls against boys it´s a diamond life - autoproduction

2 judy´s funeral the machine four track extended play autoproduction

3 teenage daydreams explode into a million pieces of nothing and blow your tears romance memories autoproduction

4 pissed jeans romanticize me honeys sub pop

5 three second kiss mood red tastyville africantape

6 peter kernel panico! this is love! white death black heart africantape

7 vincas red eye blood bleeds douchemaster

7 moose last night i fell again ...xyz cherry red

7 moose jack ...xyz cherry red

7 moose suzanne ...xyz cherry red

9 animal lover fine dining fundango autoproduction

10 friend collector spiritual vacancy fcii autoproduction

10 jessica bailiff your ghost is not enough (be with me) at the down-turned jagged rim of the sky kranky

10 teenage daydreams seventeen romance memories autoproduction

10 pissed jeans you´re different (in person) honeys sub pop

10 duchess says mayakovsky in a fung day t! alien8

10 marvin vocomurder marvin autoproduction

10 godflesh godhead godflesh earache

10 godflesh suction streetcleaner earache

10 godflesh empyreal selfless earache

11 godflesh sterile prophet songs of love and hate earache

11 godflesh descent us and them earache

11 nadja one hundred years v/a: lágrimas de miedo 14 - pornography: re-heat fear drop

11 organic katharina distortion under your carbon constellation complete control productions

11 health we are water get color lovepump united

11 pissed jeans cafeteria flood honeys sub pop

11 teenage daydreams fuck you romance memories autoproduction

Artiste: teenage daydreams
Album: romance memories
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: pissed jeans
Album: honeys
Label: sub pop


Artiste: moose
Album: ...xyz
Label: cherry red
Track(s): last night i fell again / jack / suzanne

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