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  EMISSION DU 02/06/2013

Artiste Track Album Label

1 die! die! die! harmony harmony golden antenna

2 man or astro-man? defcon 5 defcon 5...4...3...2...1 communicating vessels

3 the fall sir william wray re-mit cherry red

4 scout niblett can´t fool me now it´s up to emma drag city

5 dial on game western front ektro

6 waxahatchee blue pt. ii cerulean salt don giovanni

7 30,000 monkies amazones somewhere over the painbow autoproduction

7 1994! apologetically american fuck it autoproduction

7 primitives thru the flowers [original version) thru the flowers - the anthology cherry red

7 bmx bandits one big heart v/a: creation unreleased sampler creation

10 14 iced bears come get me in the beginning slumberland

11 queer´d science vaginal wrath queer´d science - "wrench" / year of birds - "jaws" / split 12" one c

11 the fall no respects rev. re-mit cherry red

11 scout niblett second chance dreams it´s up to emma drag city

12 the blind shake go go 78 the blind shake 7" sweet rot

12 térébenthine double zéro térébenthine ocinatas industries

13 the black angels black isn´t black indigo meadow blue horizon

14 mugstar inearth axis agitated

15 death cassettes all the time ghost party autoproduction

15 cripple and casino not you with high regards moonlee

16 adolina contrôler et sévir caldeira a tant rêver du roi

17 bardo pond lord of light v/a: in search of hawkwind critical mass

17 buke and gase hiccup general dome brassland

17 scout niblett woman and man it´s up to emma drag city

17 the fall jetplane re-mit cherry red

Artiste: the fall
Album: re-mit
Label: cherry red

Artiste: scout niblett
Album: it´s up to emma
Label: drag city


Artiste: primitives
Album: thru the flowers - the anthology
Label: cherry red
Track(s): thru the flowers [original version)

Artiste: bmx bandits
Album: v/a: creation unreleased sampler
Label: creation
Track(s): one big heart

Artiste: 14 iced bears
Album: in the beginning
Label: slumberland
Track(s): come get me

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