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  EMISSION DU 16/06/2013

Artiste Track Album Label

1 my bloody valentine who sees you m b v autoproduction

2 fever fever teeth - autoproduction

3 sex jams shark vs. apple trouble, honey siluh

4 caravels lacuna lacuna topshelf

5 topanga turn the kid off hairdry this! autoproduction

6 eric in the kitchen friday morning on dowdy lake from thermopolis to shoshoni godhatesgod

7 condominium carl carl ep sub pop

7 neils children stupid band live in belgium 2005 autoproduction

7 neils children your life comes & goes something perpetual vinyl junkie

7 neils children trust you dimly lit boudoir moderne

9 le commander keen bernard tapping maxi-futur autoproduction

10 marylin rambo la campgane c´est pas l´bagne izizolaop autoproduction

10 sex jams deicer trouble, honey siluh

10 caravels hanging off lacuna topshelf

10 the cosmic dead inner sanctum inner sanctum evil hoodoo

10 kowloon walled city you don´t have cancer container ships brutal panda

10 metz wet blanket metz sub pop

10 suffering astrid restoration netheriser autoproduction

10 caravels ordinary lives lacuna topshelf

10 sex jams science of shares trouble, honey siluh

Artiste: sex jams
Album: trouble, honey
Label: siluh

Artiste: caravels
Album: lacuna
Label: topshelf


Artiste: neils children
Album: live in belgium 2005
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): stupid band

Artiste: neils children
Album: dimly lit
Label: boudoir moderne
Track(s): trust you

Artiste: neils children
Album: something perpetual
Label: vinyl junkie
Track(s): your life comes & goes

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